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Your business seems to work well. You feel satisfied. However, you are interested of how to achieve even better results. Does your company operate at its maximum? Would you like to review your accountant’s work or just need a third party’s opinion? Are you worried that your subordinates might not be fully honest due to the hierarchy levels, therefore some of the problems remain hidden?

We are your partner in your business success

Audit will highlight the risks of taxation, accounting, and finances. We prepare risk assessment to identify the weak points and to ensure business transparency. We provide recommendations regarding the areas of need for changes in order to optimize your company’s performance. Audited companies are viewed differently by the financial institutions, tax officers, and suppliers; offers greater security for the market players; and means competitive advantage at loan- and tender application.

As an external expert, we can supply you with an objective opinion regarding the business operation, the actual status, or the efficiency of a particular area by our services of management and business consultation We will deliver an objective description and optimize processes. We will help to discover challenges, prepare industry- and business evaluation for you to have up-to-date information and to be able to make the best possible decision for your company.

Within our tax consulting service, we interpret the tax regulations and translate it into your language, tailored to your company. This way you will be able to follow changes: be up-to-date regarding the news broadcasted in the media and the changes introduced during the year.

We prepare tax optimization and tax planning so that you can save significant amount of money. Within the legal framework, we consider all potential tax risks and possible tax audits, recommend solutions to reduce your tax obligations by bearing in mind the long-term and complex consequences for your business.

Besides preparing the tax return of foreign corporations operating in Hungary, we collaborate in the work of national mandatory proposals, petitions, and statements, we provide solutions for the sanctioning rules hidden in the current legislation.

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Our services

Accounting, auditing, tax consulting, payroll, and business consulting are all accessible in one place, consequently well-coordinated with your finance tasks. Not only will time and money be spared this way, but you will not have to worry either about losing information or missing important deadlines. Our basic values include professional competency, appropriate care, objectivity, integrity, and professionalism.

Andrea Talyán

ügyvezető, bejegyzett könyvvizsgáló, adószakértő

In the past years, I represented businesses from almost all markets and industries. I feel it is important that I communicate with my clients in a sincere and collaborative manner. I do my best to succeed in all matters and for all clients beyond supporting them as a tax consultant and an auditor.
„A megoldás kösse le a figyelmet, ne pedig a hibák.”
(Vera Peiffer)