Bookkeeping (Accounting services)

The up-to-date bookkeeping of your invoices and receipts, preparing your tax returns and statements, and maintaining deadlines, demands professionalism and a high-level of precision.


Quality bookkeeping (accounting services) is essential not only for the compliance of basic regulations, but for always being able to assess the hidden opportunities and potential threats your business might face. Thanks to these, you can make the best possible decision for your business in a relatively short time-frame and your company will operate successfully in the long-run.


Your time and resources are too valuable to employ them for carrying out accounting responsibilities internally within the firm, rather than to employ them for matters of your company’s expertise in order to achieve significant revenue growth. This is even more true when you consider the limited level of compensation coverage arising from mistakes of your employees compared to our company’s full coverage insurance.

We are your partner in your business success

We keep your bookkeeping up-to-date so you can always be aware of your business’s actual status.

We prepare the legally mandated policies for your company– e.g.: accounting policy, policy of asset and liability inventory taking and evaluation, policy of manufacturing cost calculation (if necessary), and policy of cash management – in order to create a well operating structure for your business.

We prepare periodic reports and statements with the frequency and composition to your request so you will always be up-to-date regarding your company’s financial status. We support your management decisions in the best possible way.

We prepare and file your tax and other returns based on the monthly accounting results. Therefore, your accounting and tax responsibilities are handled centrally. If necessary, we represent you at the tax authority during the full process.

We prepare the year-end closing reports and statements so your business will comply with the legal requirements and avoid potential fines and late payment fees.

We participate in the process of final settlement to find the best possible financial status for you as the owner, to avoid potential mistakes and the possible start of a liquidation process.

Service packages

Anyone can experience what professional accounting means (how different it is from basic). Full accounting and tax background with basic information package, provided for those who need a support team and want to know their business information is secured. 

It provides answers to questions that occur during normal operation by default. Stabile, confident foundations for businesses, provided by continuous reporting (immediate transparent data, visible trends, detailed explanations of the data).

This package was designed for entrepreneurs who need to get a comprehensive picture of their company’s financial situation from time to time and be aware of their cost reduction and tax optimization options.

A comprehensive decision support service, the main focus of which is the business and its opportunities for development. It is designed for those companies that aim for serious growth and for whom it is important to be constantly in the picture of the economic situation of their company, to make their strategic decisions based on numbers. With our proactive collaboration, it includes our entire arsenal needed for a company’s financial rise. Using the opportunities offered by modern technology it results in fast, efficient, more cost-effective decisions.

Andrea Talyán

ügyvezető, bejegyzett könyvvizsgáló, adószakértő

In the past years, I represented businesses from almost all markets and industries. I feel it is important that I communicate with my clients in a sincere and collaborative manner. I do my best to succeed in all matters and for all clients beyond supporting them as a tax consultant and an auditor.
“A megoldás kösse le a figyelmet, ne pedig a hibák.”
(Vera Peiffer)