Having issues with employees?

Do you feel lost in the legal world of payroll and social security? Would you like to have accurately calculated details of compensation and benefits even at the beginning of the month? Contract of employment, contract of assignment, or any other legal alternative of contractual employment? Which one is the best choice? What does FEOR (Hungarian Standard Classification of Occupation) mean? How can the company’s HR system be improved?

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Many of the entrepreneurs are not aware that there are many legal forms and categories of employment We help you to find the contractual form and category of employment most suited for your company, and the best alternative of compensation for your employees. Thus you will be able to incur significant savings.

We prepare your tax return and contribution statements, also process social security administration in order for you to save time and energy. This will ensure peace and protection for both employer and employees. We administer your HR records, prepare documents and document templates, thus you will not need to consult an expert each time. In case your question requires the participation of an external expert, we will keep contact with your lawyer and other professionals.

Would you like to ensure that the experts of your company carry out their tasks the best possible way? With the help of our HR consulting and audit you can assess if everything is run well in your business. If any issues are detected, we help you correct and modify the process.

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Accounting, auditing, tax consulting, payroll, and business consulting are all accessible in one place, consequently well-coordinated with your finance tasks. Not only will time and money be spared this way, but you will not have to worry either about losing information or missing important deadlines. Our basic values include professional competency, appropriate care, objectivity, integrity, and professionalism.

Andrea Talyán

ügyvezető, bejegyzett könyvvizsgáló, adószakértő

In the past years, I represented businesses from almost all markets and industries. I feel it is important that I communicate with my clients in a sincere and collaborative manner. I do my best to succeed in all matters and for all clients beyond supporting them as a tax consultant and an auditor.
„A megoldás kösse le a figyelmet, ne pedig a hibák.”
(Vera Peiffer)