Tax consulting

Entrepreneurs are not always aware of the fact that significant amounts can be saved by coordinating and optimizing their tax obligations. But generally there is no time for mapping and understanding the regional differences and the complex, international system of legislation. The obligation of taxation becomes a heavy burden with serious risks involved.

We can help you become up-to-date regarding not only the media news, but also the changes implemented during the year and monitored with less attention. Our tax consulting service means that we study the relevant tax legislation on your behalf and interpret it tailored to your business. We provide advice of how to apply the rules in practice on a daily bases, then we evaluate the results by follow-up.

What makes the difference for an experienced, professional tax consultant with a wide intellectual horizon? Whether they can view the business or the problem with a holistic mind-set and further investigate the issue. Whether they provide the adequate and optimal advice. Taxense performs excellently in this field: exploring the background of tax matters with outstanding accuracy, creating a true added value.

We are your partner in your business success

We prepare your tax return that fulfils all professional requirements of both content and form. Always precisely following deadlines in order to make sure that you have time to take care of other important issues.

We represent you at the authorities so that you do not have to appear at the meetings and experience the inconvenience of the process. We are experienced in corporate audits of almost all industries, we are well acquainted with the audit practices of the tax authority, and prepared for the meetings with the auditors of the tax authority.

We acquire professional statements and get prepared for a tax lawsuit with the help of tax lawyers of our strategic partnership. By having a professional report prepared for a specific tax matter, you will feel more secure about the situation and avoid any surprises during a future tax audit. In case of a tax lawsuit, cooperating with you and/or your legal representative, we prepare all strategic documents and proofs to represent your case and arguments.

We prepare tax optimization and tax planning so that you can save significant amount of money. Within the legal framework, we consider all potential tax risks and possible tax audits, recommend solutions to reduce your tax obligations by bearing in mind the long-term and complex consequences for your business.

We provide international tax consultation to help your business expand by utilizing the domestic and foreign legal options, therefore maximizing your revenue and profit. Besides preparing the tax return of foreign corporations operating in Hungary, we collaborate in the work of national mandatory proposals, petitions, and statements. We also provide solutions for the sanctioning rules hidden in the current legislation.

We help VAT registered businesses to expand nationally by providing corporate consulting, representing them at the tax authority, and offering solutions regarding Hungarian and EU regulations. We prepare and file their tax return. We cooperate in the full process of a possible claim of tax payment.

We prepare the transfer price policy for the affiliated enterprises in accordance with the corporate law. This way the tax authority will find everything in order and you will avoid potential fines up to several million forints.

Andrea Talyán

ügyvezető, bejegyzett könyvvizsgáló, adószakértő

In the past years, I represented businesses from almost all markets and industries. I feel it is important that I communicate with my clients in a sincere and collaborative manner. I do my best to succeed in all matters and for all clients beyond supporting them as a tax consultant and an auditor.
„A megoldás kösse le a figyelmet, ne pedig a hibák.”
(Vera Peiffer)