Your company is stagnating or inactive

Is your company stagnating due to lack of capital or market issues? You have not been concerned about your company for a while, but would like to see if there is hope to make it successful again? Would you like to give another chance for your business, but are not sure how to revive it? Do you need an expert to help you change the actual structure of your business? Are you thinking of final settlement or liquidation in despair?

We are your partner in your business success

  • We review your bookkeeping, the related documents, previous reports, balance sheet and profit & loss statements in order to have a complete assessment of your business and it’s opportunities. We prepare a report about the status of your company and explain everything speaking your language.
  • Our staff will provide an assessment and opinion with total honesty, even if it is to recommend final settlement or liquidation. We prepare the necessary documents and cooperate with your legal representative in the matter of termination.
  • We ensure the objective assessment of your business in the framework of industry- and company evaluation. This will help you setting a realistic price for purchasing a business or selling your own.
  • Our staff has experience in almost all industries, thus will be able to provide you with objective opinion and recommendation through management and business consultation whether it is worth it to revive your company.
  • Do you already have an idea, but not sure of where to start? We prepare a business plan of assessing the market and the competition to help you with a new start.
  • Would you like to have a clean start? We can help you develop the best strategy by our services of accounting, tax consultation, payroll/HR and management/business consulting
  • In case of stagnating businesses, we provide data services for loan- and tender applications. With a positive assessment of application, your business will access more capital.

Contact us for personally tailored advice.

Visit us in the office for a consultation where we can provide advice tailored specifically to your company issues and questions. By filling out and submitting the below form, we will be able to contact you.

Please contact us at the attached details or fill in the form and we will respond as soon as possible.

Our services

Accounting, auditing, tax consulting, payroll, and business consulting are all accessible in one place, well-coordinated with your finance tasks. Not only time and money will be spared this way, but you will not have to worry either about losing information or missing deadlines.
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