My company is fast growing

Is your company growing fast? Would you like to get prepared in advance for the problems related to this fast growth? Do you feel like you struggle to keep management under control? Do you experience issues of cost calculation and overseeing all divisions of your company? Do you find the world of compensation and benefits, or taxes way too confusing?

We are your partner in your business success

  • We complete tax optimization and tax planning for your company in order to have your expenses calculated in advance and your operations optimized. This way you will not worry about sudden financing of major expenses.
  • A fast growing company will require growing number of employees, which means increasing labour cost. Calculating and optimizing labour cost is critical. A stable and always up-to-date system of payroll serves the interest of the employee and the employer as well.
  • We complete the assessment of business processes in order to provide you with an accurate review of your company’s operation and efficiency even if you are not able to be involved on a daily basis. This way you can map each division of your business.
  • The cash-flow optimization is a great tool to review and compare plan versus actual and discover the risk factors. It provides you with a realistic assessment for your financial plans, thus supports a conscious and efficient business management process.
  • We provide data services for loan and tender applications. With a positive assessment of your application, your business will access more capital and be able to finance the additional expenses of growth.
  • We prepare periodic reports and statements to your requirements, thus you will always be up-to-date regarding the financials of your company. We will prepare you and support you to make management decisions in the best possible way.
  • It is critical that you are prepared in advance for the growth-resulted changes and for restructuring your company if needed. Focus not only on revenues, but resources and their limits as well. With our support, you will be able to make the best possible decision.

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Our services

Accounting, auditing, tax consulting, payroll, and business consulting are all accessible in one place, well-coordinated with your finance tasks. Not only time and money will be spared this way, but you will not have to worry either about losing information or missing deadlines.
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