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I am sure that you, as a business owner and executive often feel like there is no one to turn to for an honest, objective opinion and view about the status of your business. There are times when you just want to share your dilemma, or problem with someone you can fully trust and professionally rely on.

Within the framework of our business consulting, after assessing and analysing your business venture we form an objective opinion as external, independent experts. This does not only mean cost efficiency, but also an increase in profit that you as the manager will benefit from as well.

We have helped the work of numerous entities of almost all industries in the past 20 years. This means we have great professional experience and are able to form a complete picture on the current status of your business. Our business consulting interprets the problems assessed through management consulting into every-day terms so you can solve them in a routine way on a daily basis.

We are your partner in your business success

  • Preparing business plans for either starting, or profile-changing entities, thus you will have a clear view of the strategic steps, the risk, and the expense structure of your business. With a realistic business plan, you can easily achieve an increasing profit.
  • Efficiency assessment before management decisions will enable you to make the best possible decision for your business.
  • Analysing the individual business processes, reviewing and optimizing management processes will enable you to have a clear view of your business environment, the industries and their efficiency, and be able to react to the market challenges faster as well.
  • Data provision for loan and tender applications, thus your application will be assessed positively.
  • Consulting on a business launch, the start will be a defining factor for your future success.
  • Receivables management will help you collect your outstanding receivables. We will take care of your administrative obligations, such as managing customers’ and suppliers’ accounts, sending out prompt notes.
  • Financial audit and analysis of finance processes for reducing the operating risks and costs. We relieve you from the burden of the basic finance tasks, such as invoicing, sending out the invoices to the clients, recording transfers, etc.
  • Controlling will provide well-established data for responsible management decisions. We prepare analysis and reports, compare plan to actuals, explore the reasons for possible variances, and help to improve efficiency with consulting.
  • Cash-flow optimization serves as a mirror to your business by comparing plan versus actuals and exploring risk factors. This will provide a realistic picture of opportunities for your financial plans, thus support a conscious and efficient business management.
  • With industry and company evaluation, we ensure the objective evaluation of your company that will help you define realistic prices whether you are a purchaser or a seller of a business entity.
  • Exploring pitfalls before business decisions will help further business negotiations and measures carried out successfully within legal boundaries.
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Our services

Accounting, auditing, tax consulting, payroll, and business consulting are all accessible in one place, well-coordinated with your finance tasks. Not only time and money will be spared this way, but you will not have to worry either about losing information or missing deadlines.
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